The Middle Seat

Stop Craving Platforms
Start Loving People

The Middle Seat started as a moment. A moment that forced me into the dreaded middle seat on Delta Flight 940 from Oregon to Florida. I had been out on the road drumming and speaking for quite some time. I was tired and would have strapped a massive "DO NOT DISTURB" sign to my forehead if I could have.

I was hoping that my mileage status would bump me into first class and keep me far from talkative humans. Don’t you judge me! You know you have had similar feelings! All of my prayers went unanswered as I squeezed into the middle seat. I was uncomfortable, tired, and pretty grumpy. But this single red eye flight would change my perspective on people forever.

I believe all of us are in middle seat moments everyday. Whether it’s the grocery store or the gym we all have the ability to be the answer to someone's prayer. We have the ability to be the friend that someone has been desperate to know. The middle seat is not about saying the right things or being overly spiritual, it’s about learning to see average moments as miracles waiting to happen.

I open the corridors of my heart in this book and unfortunately it’s not all pretty. I needed this middle seat moment to change my perspective on God and people.

What if life was more than building your brand? What if we stopped craving platforms and started loving people?

What if your platform doesn’t need to be reached but needs to be realized?


About The Author

Pedro LaTorre is not your typical author. He never set out to write a book or speak to millions of people. Prior to Pedro finishing middle school he had seen two failed marriages. Much of his early years were full of challenges that he chose to see as opportunities. By high school Pedro had caught the attention of several professional baseball scouts. His first at bat his senior season changed the trajectory of his future. In one swing of the bat he hit a home run and tore his rotator simultaneously. His faith was shaken and his potential was now a thing of the past. Confusion and self-doubt hit him like a ton of bricks.

Through many trying days he allowed this to both prune and propel him into a new season of life. At the age of twenty Pedro became the drummer for International Recording Artist KJ-52. Pedro later went on to play with several artists including: Tedashi, Anthem Lights, Rhema Soul, Group 1 Crew and many others. Pedro feels fortunate to have been inspired under world renowned communicator Reggie Dabbs and other great men to grow Pedro's heart for God and people. He has been speaking to students, leaders, and churches for over ten years.

Pedro and his bride Jessica serve on a leadership team at City Church Los Angeles under the guidance of Pastor Judah and Chelsea Smith. They have one son named Justice and a dog named Demi who sheds incessantly.


Pedro LaTorre

Pedro sits down with the Curate Podcast and tells his story

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Stop Craving Platforms

Start Loving People


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What You'll Learn

Your most powerful platform doesn't have to be reached, it has to be realized .

Navigating the unexpected
Life is full of u-turns and detours. This book will help you navigate moments of tension and help you see the potential that is all around you.
Seeing past the lies of culture
Culture defines a platform as numbers, sales, and branding. This dose of truth will transform our everyday lives.
Recognizing your real platform
Hurting people are everywhere. This book will guide you to see opportunity where you previously saw obstacles.

The Testimonials

Anjelah Johnson, Comedian & Actress

“I wish that everyone in America had the privilege of being inspired first hand by Pedro.”

Manwell Reyes, Group 1 Crew

"I'm incredibly excited for you to read this book because the one thing that I know you'll take from this is that Pedro loves people."

Pastor Elijah Waters, City Church Beverly Hills, CA

"Pedro is not only a gifted communicator and author, but he lives a life of love and compassion for people."

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